Our Way of Doing Business

When it comes to our internal processes and the way we serve our clients, we put a HUGE focus on client experience. We aren’t perfect, but we’re improving each and every day to create a better client experience including a simple onboarding process, over-communication, and ensuring that their needs are met.

  • Contracts are meant to protect both parties, not trap Them

When it comes to our contracts, we’ve developed them to mutually protect both parties involved, without trapping our clients into something they’ll regret. We operate with 30 day opt-out clauses, making sure that you .

  • We invest in making our company better

We continually build out infrastructure within our team and create systems to continually get better. We believe that the day we think we’re the best or have everything figured out that we will actually find the opposite to come true!

  • We invest in relationships

We don’t believe in charging a consultation fee or for us talking, as we believe the first step in creating a relationship is for us to invest in you and your business, without you having to spend your hard earned cash.

  • We work mainly within referrals

We work mainly off referrals as they’re friends, family, or colleagues of our current clients, which makes them even more important.

  • We consult instead of selling

We don’t believe in “selling” our clients in a certain service or advertisement. We educate our clients with all of their options, provide helpful guidance, but the client makes the ultimate decision.

  • Custom Built Client Portals

We build our clients a custom portal with monthly objectives updated to ensure full transparency and to keep us accountable. We value communication to the highest degree and want to make sure you understand each and everything we do for you.

  • We Don’t Guarantee Leads

While it might be looked down upon, we believe that each consumer interacts differently with content and as we optimize that content to tailor it better towards your target, we don’t want to overpromise and under-deliver.

  • We Problem Solve & Tell Stories

We are huge believers in telling stories for our clients across the various channels they choose to communicate their message.

Caleb Roche

Located in Edmond, Oklahoma, Caleb is a Marketing Consultant that helps businesses build better marketing strategies. Combining strategy with implementation, he focuses on building long-term customers through data-driven decision-making. With experience working with both small and large companies, he has the experience to help businesses create strategic marketing plans that focus specifically on each business’s strengths, not just a one size fits all/template-based strategy.


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