Need Some DIY Marketing Tools For your business?

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite marketing softwares to use if you’re working with a small budget or wanting to DIY your marketing! Check the list out below to get a full list of marketing software to use for your business!

Search Engine optimization tools



Ahrefs is a premium competitive analysis and keyword research tool. They claim to have “the world’s largest index of live backlinks” of any tool on the market. Ahrefs has invested in data harvesting, so they likely have the most accurate third-party SEO information available.

The main features include keyword research by either typing in a seed keyword or analyzing competitor sites to see what they’re ranking for. Plus, Ahrefs enables you to download backlink reports, get keyword difficulty scores, international keyword rankings and mobile vs desktop rankings. Ahrefs allows you to go incredibly deep in your competitive research.


SEMrush is a suite of digital marketing research tools that will help you analyze your competitors’ sites and better understand exactly how and why they’re performing how they are. Plus, get keyword suggestions, site audits, and more.

By simply typing in a URL, you can see exactly which keywords a site ranks for and get the estimated organic and paid traffic. SEMrush also enables you to deep dive into any website’s backlinks, paid ad campaigns, social media followings, and more.

You can run reports, see the results in a graph or static data, and keep probing until you get the answers you want.


Moz is one of the original SaaS companies specializing in developing SEO tools. Originally founded in 2004, their domain authority metric (zero through 100) has been used as an industry standard for many years now. That’s a reflection on how good their products are and how well they’ve continued to develop their software tools and release new features.

This is why Moz Pro is always in the discussion as one of the best market research and competitive analysis tools.

Moz Pro is a complete SEO toolkit that enables you to find out everything about a competitor’s website and marketing strategy. Plus, it enables you to carry out market research and keyword analysis in your niche to find profitable opportunities.